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Big Benefits of Bitcoin

Over 800,000 active BTC wallet owners

Completely Decentralised Currency

BTC is completely decentralised meaning no risk of inflation, third party involvement or government interference.


Bitcoin is encrypted, completely secure and backed by the Blockchain network. Payments must be verified on the Blockchain before being sent to another end user. Bitcoin can be put into cold storage, stored offline and kept away from malicious online threats.

Buying Bitcoin

Purchasing Bitcoin safely and securely has never been easier. Buy BTC using your Credit/Debit card or Bank Wire Transfer at the Award Winning Platform, instacoins.com

Rapid peer to peer payments

By using Blockchain technology, payments can be sent and received almost instantly whilst maintaining a solid level of security.

Purchase flexibility

Use Bitcoin to buy goods in the retail market, credit trading accounts, buy property and luxury goods as well as food, goods and services at registered outlets.


Send and receive Bitcoin with peace of mind knowing that nobody can see your purchases or who you are. Only your nameless wallet address is made public in the Blockchain ledger.


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Trading Network



$155 Billion+

Total Crypto Market Capitalisation

460 Million+

Bitcoin Addresses